Bandit Springs Endurance Ride July 12-13, 2014

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To see the ride flyer:  Bandit Flyer 2014

Ride and Tie Flyer: Bandit Springs RT Flyer 2014

Fill-in-the-blank entry form: Bandit Entry Form 2014

Our family is leaving at the crack of dawn on July 2.  To get the pre-entry discount, I need your entry form by midnight at the end of July 1.  If you want to pay by PayPal, you can do so any time between now and the time of the ride.  Please bring a print out showing that you have paid just in case I cannot pull it up on my phone.  The Paypal account is


1. Is weedfree hay required?  Yes.  We will have about 40+ bales of weed free hay for sale.  65-75 lb and $13/each.

2. Who are the vets?  Cassee Terry is our returning head vet for her sixth year!  Shelley Barlow is our other control judge for Saturday.

3. Do I have to remove my poop and hay?  Yes and no.  Since you will all have weed free hay, you do not have to remove hay.  Please scatter it, though.  Poop does need to be removed.  You can either take it home (oh joy, right?) or you can pay a buck a bag and we’ll take it away.  You have to bring it to the trailer for the service.  Also, if you would like to hire a (semi-) small child to scoop poo, Spencer has a little business and there will be more info at the office.

4. Are there any discounts?  Yes.  1/2 price for RMs and Jrs.

5. Is hoof protection required or needed?  It is not required but highly recommended.  As most NW endurance rides are, Bandit is on a mountain.  Mountains are made of rocks.  Hence, there are rocks.

6. What are the trails like?  Mostly one and two tracks dirt roads/trails.  There’s a bit of gravel road on most of the loops but we are trying to get off of those as much as possible.  Much of the trail is on cross country and snow mobile routes.

7. What’s the elevation like?  Ride camp is at about 5000 ft.  There is quite a bit of up and down.  When we ran the 20 mile and 30 mile loops and did the 100 with just those two loops, there was as much elevation change as Tevis but of course, Tevis has more down.  We’ve changed up the loops and I don’t know what the current elevations are.

8. Will there be a farrier on site?  Not one that we’ve organized.  There often is someone that is riding that is a farrier so ask at the office if you have a farrier emergency and we’ll see what we can do to help you.

9. Will there be a food vendor this year?  Sadly, no.  But we will have a potluck both Saturday and Sunday nights at 6:30.  And Saturday night, we will continue with the grand tradition of margaritas courtesy of American Trail Gear.


It's a pretty, hard ride.